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Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Equipment

This teeny tiny jumping spider is on a showy milkweed. For a size idea, measuring from the center of the pink flower in the upper right corner diagonally down to the dark pink petal below and to the right of the spider's abdomen is a little over a half an inch.

Here, I'm using my Canon Rebel XT, Sigma 105mm macro lens, Kenko 36mm extension tube, and Sigma Macro Ring Flash. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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Will said...

I'm a recovering arachnophobic (photography is helping me overcome this), but I have a soft spot for jumping spiders. Their big stereoscopic eyes just make them look so cute. It's like they're surprised 24/7.

Hypatia said...

I used to be a little nervous about some insects (mostly bees) but there is something amazing about watching through the lens of a camera. It's like a security blanket that takes away the fear and just lets one be fascinated. I also have a hard time being scared of something that spends so much time running away from me and my camera. :)

I didn't used to hold spiders until I started photographing them a lot. Now, I find myself picking them up on a daily basis.

Daddy long legs are a good transitional arachnid since they have no venom. It's a fun game to try and keep them walking on your arm.

I am in full agreement about the jumping spiders... I think they're the real cutie pies of the spider world. One of my favorite catches is the jumping spider hiding in a sunflower.