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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

After dinner (note the slightly darker color of the petals) and the spider was still working on it. I don't know how long this spider spends eating prey, but it was longer than I thought.  Posted by Picasa



I have tried to document the process before, and it is really a slow process. It took a whole day for the spider to finish with the prey. Nice dramatic shots; "violence inside flower"! :-)

Hypatia said...

I love your linked picture! Wow. What kind of spider is that? That was in January? How cold does it get in Bangladesh in January?

I'd previously caught a small longjaw orb weaver with a tiny grass bug. Over the course of about 15 minutes, the grass bug went from plump and robust to shriveled hulk. I guess that was just an appetizer. ;)

I'll post three with the times. I think the relative sizes of the prey to the spider has a fair amount to do with technique and time.

I had a hard time getting the crab spider in my sights -- it kept maneuvering the bee between itself and my camera.