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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kai found this white-abdomened spider on a rock in the brush of Daniel's Park in Highlands Ranch. There was no web to help identify her, but given the eye pattern and leg combs on her back legs (visible in other shots), I think she's some kind of cobweb spider (Theridiidae). The White Widow seems like a good title for this one.

She was pretty tough to photograph, not holding still till I moved her from a rock to a branch. She was very small (.5 cm?) so perhaps her coloration is only temporary. Posted by Picasa


Julio said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this with us and for visiting my photoblog.


A 0.5cm restless spider *is* real difficult to photograph. Nice shot, and very informative.

Hypatia said...

Julio: Your blog is great, no need to thank me! Thank you!

Kousik: Thanks! I'm enjoying my own posts more now that I'm following your id'ing advice.

regzgz said...

Very nice pic, and the info is great as always!