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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Walking around the neighborhood open space and we found this sweat bee (Halictidae) on a thistle. I love the metallic green. Posted by Picasa


Utopia said...

Very beautiful! My first stop at your blog and I'm so impressed with all the photos! Beauty in the smallest of us.

The D said...


Hypatia said...

Thanks so much utopia! I'm really glad you enjoyed the visit. Thanks for coming. I like bugs because they are so much less impossing to approach with release forms. (Just kidding!)

Thanks the d! You are always so kind! :)

Did you note the three eyes centered between the two compound eyes? Gabe pointed those out to me. They are simple eyes that are only light sensitive.

Lisa said...

Beautiful shot of this gorgeous bug and flower! A very nice entry for this week's Macroday challenge!

Hypatia said...

Lisa, thanks! It's my first Macroday picture I was hoping it would generate some response.