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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Spider Silky

This is a typical near-horizontal longjaw orb web. I struggled to capture the three-dimensionality of the web. It's not a flat plane simply criss-crossing the space. It curves, swoops, soars, dips, swivels and yet there is an underlying regularity. Posted by Picasa


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

arent you scared getting up close and personal with those creepy crawlies?

Hypatia said...

No, not most insects and spiders. To be honest it would depend on the temperment of the animal. Hornets and yellow jackets are very aggressive and if I know I'm in their space then yes, I'm scared. :)

But spiders and many insects are often very difficult to approach. They'd much rather run away in a complete panic at a human approach then stay and creep you out.

I think we humans have a natural creep out factor with respect to insects, but once I stared watching and observing and reading about them I found them to be utterly fascinating and not scary. I do have respect for these animals and I don't try to touch bees and some spiders (black widows for instance). Other insects I handle gently like some assassin bugs.

I'll also admit to the "viewfinder armor". Once you're looking at the subject through the viewfinder sometimes you forget how close you're getting. I use this when I'm working with yellow jackets.

Gabe Beasley said...

Great job on web-lighting--so you've
gotten that down. It seems you've
picked up photography really quick
Rachel--really nice shot.

Hypatia said...

That deletion was just a repeat comment, no worries.

Thanks, Gabe! My technique was to move my head around until the natural light was working for me and I could see the most threads. Not very technical, I guess. :)