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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I think this is an American Painted Lady who didn't want to be photographed. Posted by Picasa


derailuer said...

you say.
I think this is an American Painted Lady who didn't want to be photographed.

MAYBE SHE WAS " COPYWRITED? ". ... GEE.. HOW CAN ANYONE .... copy write nature??
ITS just A BUTTERFLY. AND YOU " COPYWRITE IT" ON A PIECE OF PAPER. ?? HAHAHAHHAHAHA. DO YOU THINK YOUR PHOTO GRAPH IS GOING TO CHANGE THE ORDER of the UNIVERSE??. will it affect science?? does it give a NEW meaning to esotaric?? creativity?? . colour and form??
its JUST A BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!!!!!! doing what BUTTERFLYS DO!!!!!. if someone copys your photo, are you going to give the BUTTERFLY ROYALTIES??? hahahahahha.. such silliness. .

Hypatia said...

The word is spelled, "Copyright."

I'm not making butterflies, I made a photograph.

Oh, "its" is the possessive form while I think you meant, "it's" which is the contraction of "it is."

If someone buys my photograph, I pledge to plant more bushes of the type the butterfly likes.

I think one question mark or exclamation mark is quite sufficient. Please shout somewhere else. Such silliness. If you want someone to take you seriously, then I suggest you run a grammar and spell-checker on your writing first.

Hypatia said...

And my post was a JOKE (but it is copyrighted)!