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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cool news!

I wrote to Dr. Paula Cushing (Curator of Invertebrate Zoology
Denver Museum of Nature & Science) about the orb weaving spider a few posts back. She wrote, "The spider is the araneid (orb-weaving spider in the family Araneidae), Aculepeira packardi." So Kousik, you can see if you have any nearby spider relations!

Even cooler, she said she might be interested in some of my pictures for an online Colorado field guide!

More pictures to come from our trips the last few days. This afternoon though, I have errands so they will have to wait until later. :(



Looks like we have almost 13 species of Araneidae (orbweavers) recorded in India, but no mention of Aculepeira packardi.

Congrats, on publications of Colorado field guide!

Hypatia said...

When I looked around, most Aculepeira seemed to show up in Europe (I saw hits in Russia, France, Italy, Austria). It was amazing to see that the markings were almost identical, especially given the distance from one species to the next. Austrian version I suppose with colonization, I shouldn't be so surprised.

While talking to Dr.Cushing, I gather the biggest holdup is going to be gathering the funding for the guide. After hearing that, I think I'll keep taking pictures and not hold my breath. :)