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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I've been reading my Shaw book Closeups in Nature and trying out various techniques he suggests.

The left photo is in full daylight with no modifications, the right uses a crumpled then flattened piece of aluminum foil to reflect the sunlight. No flash was used for either. Posted by Picasa


Rolf said...

Hi! Very beautiful picture!!

Hypatia said...

Hi back! Thanks! :)

Gabe Beasley said...

Hi Rachel, how’s life?
You have some really nice stuff here. I build foil reflectors as well. I laminate them with packaging tape so they don't ware out. I built a new macro lens. Take a look at my website! Don't forget "all pictures" for recent stuff I archived. Have fun&Drop me an e-mail if you like any particular picture and stuff.

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