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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hoverfly on Flax

This is my favorite wildflower. I love the color and the simple shape of the petals. It's some kind of flax (Linaceae), probably Blue but Prairie and Common are also reasonable options.

On the flower is a hoverfly (Syrphidae), embracing the stamen of the flax. I felt like a voyeur. Posted by Picasa

A small addendum: Look on this hoverfly for its halteres. From the TOL website, "The halteres are small, club-like structures that function as balancing organs during flight." Cool, huh?


Julio said...

Rachel: this macro is excellent. Amazing color, DOF and focus. Good work.

Hypatia said...

Thanks, Julio! I worked this morning with my tripod and timer -- an encouragement from Gabe. That let me open up the aperature as far as my camera will go (f/9) for the early dawn shots.

By the time of this shot, I brought my shutter speed it up to 1/80s, but still good practice for tripod work. Those things are awkward!

The D said...

Absolutely Beautiful! Keep up the amazing work, i'm trying to tell people about these pictures, they're awesome!

regzgz said...

Good picture, is great to know you are trying new things with your camera, keep it up!

Hypatia said...

Thanks the_d! I'm really flattered. Maybe I can convince others bugs are more fascinating rather than creepy.

And thanks regzgz! I'm always trying something new -- I get both bored and curious very easily. :)