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Saturday, July 23, 2005

The wolf spider had just caught a grass bug. I was able to stick my camera through the grass to get this shot without scaring it off. Posted by Picasa


Gabe Beasley said...

Yah, I've spent more then a few hours
chaseing the wolf spider. They
have very good eyes and have got to
be one of if not the fastest spider
in the world at least for body size.

I spent a few days trying and could
only get teli-macro crops so finaly
I resorted to catching one and takeing
my shots of it in a vial. I let it
go when I was done. There are 1000s
in my back yard.

Hypatia said...

I think the most success that I've had is when I've settled down in the lawn and noticed a wolf spider nearby. I've never chased 'em down successfully.